Plastic Surgery for Ugly Dogs

In New York City, subway marketing is highly effective from an attention-grabbing perspective. On any given subway, it’s likely you’ll have at least one stranger’s armpit nearing dangerously close to your nose, a group of teenagers break dancing around the center pole and a homeless soul who has unfortunately crapped his pants and has cleared out one whole end of the car. So how do you divert your eyes? You may stare at the subway map you memorized when you were 13, scroll through your iPhone (which doesn’t get a signal underground) or look UP at the ads. Now, that’s a captive audience.

Dr. Armond, Canine Plastic Surgeon has bested the infamous Dr. Zizmor who for years has promised a zit-free complexion (by scaring us with Isabel R.’s mug). Zizmor is real. Dr. Armond is not. But from overhearing other subway riders, especially the tourists, they think he is. Some were appalled – “Who would make their dog get surgery? What is this country coming to?”. I bit my lip. Look a little closer, and you’ll see two entirely different breeds in the “Before” and “After”.

And even closer, to see cats need not apply and tail enhancement is also on the menu:

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 6.40.31 PMTail Enhancement

This is one of the best examples of OOH (Out of Home) advertising driving to web I’ve seen. Dr. Armond is actually actor-comedian-writer-producer Nick Kroll, whose sketch comedy, the Kroll Show makes its appearance on Comedy Central. The driving URL, opens to video clips from his latest episode. Smart marketing to drive awareness and viewership. The show is hilarious if you appreciate low-brow humor (I do). Well done Comedy Central, you made my digi day! I guess my pooch Cosimo can’t get that tail enhancement after all…

Thanks Nick Kroll, your show has made my Digi Day!



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