Anonymous: Badass Hackers With Humor

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Although they are a social media team’s worst nightmare (or best friend, depending on how you look at it), you have to admit the Anonymous hackers are pretty badass. What do I admire most? Their creativity. They are hackers with humor.

Burger King hacked

I imagine the social media managers of Burger King have spent a large amount of time in the bathroom today — and not because of the food. Earlier today, Burger King’s Twitter account was hijacked with the McDonald’s handle and a slew of posts crapping all over the brand’s persona of charbroiled burgers and grilled buns. Their headline stated because their “whopper flopped” they had been sold off to McDonalds. And “FREDOM (sp) IS FAILURE.” Seriously, I’M LOVING IT! And thankful this hasn’t happened to me while on the job.

Why Burger King? Is Anonymous pissed that you can’t “have it your way”? Are they fighting to raise minimum wage or are they just advocating for cardboard crowns for those over the age of six?


Brilliant move to implement the takeover on President’s Day with all the worker bees sleeping in late and probably hungover. Meaning slow, slow response time. How long did it actually take for BK’s Twitter to be temporarily disabled? An hour and a half. But as they say, there’s no such thing as bad PR, right? Burger King actually gained close to 30,000 new followers (likely for entertainment purposes) before their page was disabled.

Will this Twitter hack hurt Burger King? I really don’t think so. If you like Burger King, you like Burger King. It’s not like you’re suddenly going to switch over to McDonald’s, even though their fries are better, IMO. None of the tweets contained damaging claims saying their burgers are made from dog meat or that there’s bleach in their watered-down fountain soda. They were funny tweets. Ok, implying that their workers are ingesting drugs in the mens’ room isn’t going to get them nominated for Top 100 places to work, but this is fast food. Burger King will laugh about all this down the road. Way down the road.

Kudos to Mashable for rounding up the Twittersphere to find the best reactions: The 10 McFunniest Reactions to Burger King Twitter Hack

Burger King hacking reactions

So what have all social media managers learned from this? Dealing with hackers when your hungover really sucks! And change your password weekly. Also, response time is critical. Get out of your food coma! It’s hours later and their account is still not back up.

McDonald's Reaction

Don’t worry Micky D’s we know it wasn’t you…but maybe your red-headed stepsister Wendy’s was in on the prank.

@Anonymous, thanks for making my DigiDay!


P.S. Feeling a little paranoid that by blogging about Anonymous, they may log into my laptop and start following me…ah, I can only be so lucky, right?


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