Simple URL is the Key

As a copywriter, you’re always trying to be witty or arrange words in a way that hasn’t been done before. With web writing and SEO, the brain juice sparks with a different approach: Be concise, be simple, get more traffic. With the average attention span lasting six seconds or less, your phrasing has to be memorable, not mind-blowing. The one, two power punch is bold imagery, bold tag. And even better if that bold tag ties into a bold URL that someone will recall later.

On a snow-flurried/mushy wintry mix/that will turn into brown slop later day like today, the sun-drenched image below attracted my naked eye like a beer cooler would at an AA meeting (not that I’ve been, but anyway, I digress).

My frozen hands fumbled with my iPhone to grab a photo. This image didn’t belong, not down in that dark, dirty tunnel.  And then the ad called out to me “And neither do you!”  Text “NEEDSUN” for a chance to win a trip. Um, yeah great, but I can’t text while I wait for the subway…Oh, there’s a URL, too: Think I’ll remember that? You bet. Because I really need sun! And because it’s simple.


What could me more concise and on point than — I NEED SUN DOT COM? The ad doesn’t tell you where that sun is — could be the DR, the Bahamas or Florida, but wherever it is, there are beaches, palm trees and turquoise water. Go to the URL and you’ll find out.

The unfortunate thing with URLs are the most simple are usually the most taken — or parked by When they’re parked, you have to buy out the owner with an offer. And if they’re smart, they’ll hold out for a lot. This happens often. But it’s always worth a try…or play on words.

What I’ve learned with writing for the web — there is no need to be flowery or overly descriptive in your text. This isn’t a novel. This is quick, one hit advertising. And it’s effective., you’ve made my Digiday!


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