SocialBombing: A Precursor to PhotoBombing

If you thought PhotoBombing was annoying, meet its precursor — SocialBombing. Have you ever been out when an unexpected “friend” shows up uninvited?  It’s not that you wouldn’t have invited them, but they’re one of those individuals that you’ve probably met only a handful of times and have never even spoken to for more than five minutes. In the past, this may have happened by pure chance. But with today’s location-based social networking, EVERYONE knows where you are (even your mother).

This past St. Patrick’s Day, I witnessed an onslaught of long-lost acquaintances stumbling into an already crowded establishment…and they just kept on coming. It was like the Irish zombie apocalypse.  Once you upload a photo to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in real-time, expect some real company, especially if it looks like you’re having fun. Uploading pics from your volunteer shift at the soup kitchen is less likely to draw visitors.

The solution may be in resisting the temptation to post while you’re still out, but often it’s your friends who are “checking in” the whereabouts of your whole group ten seconds after you’ve walked in the door. They may be hoping that a certain someone will see the tag and drop by, but they’re also alerting anyone in your 1000+ social circle as to your physical location.

So my friends, be on the lookout for SocialBombers, as their presence usually emerges into the requisite PhotoBomb!


Go ahead SocialBombers, Make My DigiDay!



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