Emails That Make Me Shop!

In an attempt to restrict my online shopping addiction, I unsubscribed myself from all flash sale type emails over a year ago. Goodbye Gilt Groupe, Living Social, Google Daily Deals, Bloomspot, etc. Since then only one has won me back —  Rue La La.

In an inbox inundated with offers and junk, their subject lines continually attract me. Here’s today’s:


This email subject line has all the key components to click success:

  • Alliteration
  • A number (countdown) providing a sense of urgency
  • And quirkiness — “ship (and shop) with abandon.”

Just when I thought I couldn’t stuff one more thing into my suitcase for Memorial Day, they had me reconsidering…and I CLICKED right into all of today’s sales. The big bonus is when you sign up for Rue La La, they offer 30 days of Free Shipping, hence the 7 day countdown and personalized email for me. I’m sure my email address was pulled out of a very organized database for today’s offer. Big data works and they’re doing a great job.


They also provide multiple boutiques to visit daily, “Today’s Fix” and the opportunity to sign up for flash sale reminders (text or email alerts) — genius! “Cole Haan starts at 11am!”


Rue La La, you’ve made my DigiDay!



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