Digital Fail of the Day: LinkedIn Birthday Reminders!

Digital Fail #1: LinkedIn “Birthday Announcements” delivered via email. LinkedIn is for professional networking. Birthday reminders are annoying enough on Facebook. I don’t need to receive an email every day listing a random contact’s birthday. It has nothing to do with their career, their company or their personal achievements — except living another year longer. Let Facebook keep that one. If I begin to see 80 “Happy Birthday Mate!” posts in my LinkedIn newsfeed, I will check it less, not more. They have made some very wise content moves lately — this is not one of them.


Digital Fail #2: Someone sent me a link to an article on HuffPo that’s gone viral (the always popular premarital sex debate). But when the article loaded, all I could think was “Ugh, L’Oreal’s creative threw up all over the page.” This is one of the worst “skins” I’ve ever seen. There’s way too much copy, too many faces and too many call-to-action buttons. The only excuse would be if this were for a pharma product, they legally need all that copy!


A digital Skin should have one main image on the left and copy on the right, that’s how a human eye scans the page. The creative images should not be repeated in the banner ads, but synched in the messaging. Would you want to flip through a magazine and see the same ad four places in a row. The same logic that applies in print works online. And there should be ONE “Find us on Facebook” — not three! It’s obvious that this creative was designed without thinking about the page takeover on a whole. FAIL!

UPDATE: Apparently someone else agrees, because 20 minutes later and I can’t find the skin anywhere else on the site.

C’mon LinkedIn and L’Oreal — don’t just do it to do it, have a digital strategy in place. You both ruined my DigiDay!



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