Don’t be Thrifty, and I mean that literally. This morning, I received an email from Thrifty Car Rental offering me a free day. A born and bred New Yorker, I was instantly skeptical. Besides, I have a Zipcar account and the name Thrifty suggests I may be driving a deathtrap, especially if they’re offering me a FREE ride. So I deleted it a few seconds after scanning it.

A few minutes ago, I received this email message in my INBOX:


Seeing the “mistake” part, I opened immediately to read this LAME email:


So Thrifty, you offered me a “free rental” by MISTAKE, it’s not valid and I should accept your apology? How about, I’ve never used your rental car service and never will. Great first impression. You spam me (or your incompetent email marketing manager did), and then you offer me nothing, but your apology. Understandably if 10,000 people took you up on the free rental you might go out of business. But how about $10 off? Or some other incentive. That may have introduced 500 new customers.

Thrifty, you have gotten my attention, but in a negative way, and now I’m writing about it and sharing this story with my friends. I’m what you didn’t want to happen. I’m the annoyed, non-customer who has a blog and a social media following spreading news of your blunder.

Email marketers, learn from Thrifty, be EXTRA CAUTIOUS before you hit SEND. If you do make a mistake, offer a consolation prize besides your apology.

THRIFTY, you did not make my digiday! Take a lesson from Zipcar, they send great emails.




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