Twitter’s Vine Battles Instagram Video

I was surprised when I recently received an email from Twitter promoting Vine: A new app for creating short, looping videos. It’s an obvious response to Instagram’s new capability to host short-form video clips. But Vine is not a new app. Yes, some people do live under a rock and may not have heard of Vine or seen its 6-second loops, but the key for any digital marketer is to ABP — Always Be Promoting! Having a reactive versus proactive approach makes Twitter look desperate. And with Instagram in the spotlight once again, Vine usage is drying up like flowerbeds in Las Vegas.



Is it possible that in one week Instagram video has already had an effect on the amount of Vine posts to Twitter? According to MarketingLand, YES. And it’s a dramatic dip. See below.


Here’s WHY: Instagram is a one-stop-shop. As users, we are inudated with Apps, social media outlets, blogs and sharing tools. If I already have an Instagram account with followers that allows me to #hashtag to my heart’s content and post my photos simultaneously to all my social media accounts — why would I not prefer to use one super App (Instagram) as opposed to two?

Instagram Video has taken the best of Vine and innovated, extending video clips to 15 seconds in length and most impressive, providing 13 filters. That’s a feature alone that will get more users to try it. It’s what made Instagram photo sharing so popular, the opportunity to make your photos look 100x better than the original.

I think Vine was revolutionary, but unfortunately most great ideas can be copied. And it was.

There is still hope for Vine, but in my opinion it applies to pre-roll video advertising. Whenever I see a pre-roll ad begin to play with a 30-second countdown clock, I’m either looking for the “close ad” button or opening another window to look at something else (similar to TV channel flipping).  BUT, a 6-second video looped ad, Vine’s premiere advantage, would keep users engaged and ala, they may actually absorb the advertising message. Vine is in tune to the average internet user’s attention span, and that may still prove to be its one and only advantage.

Vine, you still make my DigiDay, I have a super short attention span, 6 seconds works for me!



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