C-List Celebrities Drive Pageviews, Too

As much as I hate to admit it, I always see a spike in traffic to one of my blog posts when it’s tied to a celebrity. Last summer, I blogged about my boyfriend bartending at an event hosted by an Eva Mendes look-alike and the page views poured in. And she was only an Eva doppelganger.

On Friday, I received several messages from friends asking if I had gone to school with Holly Madison. Holly, best known for being in the reality show, The Girls Next Door, had named her newborn daughter, “Rainbow Aurora,” inspired by a former classmate. The name apparently has the interwebs up in arms. It’s been called “cruel”, “ridiculous”, “a moniker for a future pole dancer,” among other niceties. Why, the hate? Has it been a slow news week?  Blue Ivy, Apple and Moses were all good…but perhaps the mud is being slung because Holly Madison is a former Hugh Hefner Housemate and Playmate.

Since Rainbow is my birth given name, I felt the urge to defend Holly’s choice with, “Being Named Rainbow.” Not being naive, I knew commenting on all the web chatter would lead to more eyeballs coming my way. I even sent Holly a tweet — to which I got an instantaneous response:


Bottom line: Celebrities drive page views — even C-list celebrities. Endless case studies prove this. So when the opportunity presents itself, why not jump on the bandwagon? I didn’t just link to Holly Madison, I defended her name selection on multiple celebrity sites (People.com, Pink is the New Blog, etc.), and volunteered to be a future “name counselor” for her daughter. My page views and unique visitors from all over the world continue to soar two days later.

Rainbow Aurora, welcome to the “different name” circle. Your name debate has made my DigiDay!



YouTube Reminder: We’re the Tube Behind Harlem Shake

I’m not even close to being DONE with the Harlem Shake videos. Who are these quitters? Shame on you — get up and rock that banana suit now!

I’ll always remember my first time. It was on FunnyOrDie.com with some USC coeds. I’ve watched it 100x. The leader really knows how to rock his pelvis. And his classmates jut their beer belllies with reckless abandon. Oh, how I miss college. And there began my addiction.

It could be the catchy little hook that wakes me up from a midday stupor, or the :30 second factor. Who can’t burn :30 seconds? Heck, you can abandon after :16 seconds and find a dozen more…

Today, YouTube has smartly reminded us viewers who’s behind this viral epidemic that has yet to die. They are. When you enter “Do the Harlem Shake” on YouTube’s search bar, you will be greeted with their own take. If you’re too lazy to type to see what I’m talking about, click here.

I’m impressed. Just imagine the possibilities for future promotions,  especially for sponsors. Type in “Do the Dew”, and the page turns green and the energizing juice comes splashing down the page. Perhaps, this is only the beginning.


YouTube, you made my DigiDay!